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Welcome to Frank's Coin Vault

1.  I am not a Coin Dealer

2.  All coins that are listed for sale are from my private collection.

3.  As you are aware, pedigree coins are worth more than those without a pedigree, I will provide a certification
which will include a description of the coin and that it is from my private collection.
This will allow you to have the coin listed/certified as a pedigree coin.

4.  Why would my coins be classified for a pedigree?  This is because I am a recipient of the Medal of Honor which I received from President Nixon because of my actions while serving in Viet Nam.

5.  A portion of any sale will be donated to charities that I support. These include the
Animal Protective League, Parma Animal Shelter, Berea Animal Rescue Shelter, American
Indian Relief Council, Southwest Indian Foundation.

6.  The selling price of any coin(s) are subject to change without prior notice or update on this web site.

The coins that I am offering for sale are grouped into three categories:

High Quality - These are coins that have at least a MS-60 or PR-60 grade rating.

Rare - These are coins that are generally considered to be those that are hard to find issues.

Unique - These are coins that you don't see everyday.  Many are from other countries.

Payment Accepted - Certified Cashier's Check Only  Your coin will be shipped via Overnight FedEx or UPS

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